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Hi there!

We are A Million Reasons Home Care. We are a revolution fighting for a better long-term care system. We believe that quality care is beyond providing skilled medical care, it’s also creating a unique holistic roadmap for our clients, aiming to achieve a longer and healthier lifestyle. It is our goal to put into perspective that the prevention of disease is key to one’s overall quality of life and goes hand in hand with nutritious eating habits and building active routines that exercise the body, mind, and soul. Our founders: wife and husband, Eddie and Nelly are passionate about helping others in our community (and having a little fun while were at it). Our goal is to flip one’s mindset 180 degrees and re-discover the millions of ways to feel happy.

We are a revolution marching to the beat of our own song aspiring to destroy the stigma that aging means passing or loneliness. Aging should be an explorative new chapter in life packed with new experiences and friends! Let’s build that together.

We are A Million Reasons Home Care, let’s redefine in-home senior care… together.