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We get it. We really do! We understand how vital it is for you to find the perfect in-home care for mom, dad, or another senior loved one. We also know that making the right home care choice in the Palm Beach County, FL area, can be overwhelming. At A Million Reasons Home Care, our fundamental promise is to keep your aging loved one safe and sound within the comfort of their own home.

Our quintessential goal is redefining home care in the Palm Beach County area, while endlessly sharing a message that long-term care shouldn’t be a bad thing, nor should it be inaccessible for most families. The senior years are an amazing and explorative chapter of life. As a result, we will continuously fight hard to reach out and help as many Baby Boomers and their families, like yours, as possible!

We Care Times a Million


Why A Million Reasons Home Care? Well, it’s simply because we have designed a unique senior home care system that delivers the peace-of-mind you’ve been looking for. Join us, and become a vital part of a blossoming community that flourishes one smile at a time.

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Companion Care

Researchers have discovered that seniors who are socially engaged in activities outside of home enjoy an overall better quality of life. And, it’s also beneficial for their mental health. Who knew that for seniors being friendly and having fun was a way to actively combat depression and cognitive decline?

Our Companion Care services include:

Meal preparation: We provide kitchen help, bonding, and education for new nutritious and healthy recipes that’ll meet your loved one’s dietary needs… all at the same time!

Laundry: Whether it’s at home or at a nearby laundromat (bring out the quarters!), our caregivers will help do laundry, while also assisting with ironing and putting your loved one’s clean linens away.

Light housekeeping: Our caregivers will keep the house sparkly clean, and sometimes even like to go for Target runs to buy your loved one’s favorite candles. We will also be glad to help with vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, taking out the trash, and even organizing the bedrooms and closets. Whew!

Transportation and running errands: Even the most robust Baby Boomers sometimes have trouble driving on their own. That’s no problem for A Million Reasons Home Care! We’ve partnered with Lyft to get your loved one to the grocery store in no time. And, although your senior is not technically “driving”, they can still take the “wheel” and steer us to their desired destination, whether it’s the post office, pharmacy, a medical appointment, nail salon, barbershop… you name it!

Grocery shopping: If there’s a garden show at 10 am, is your loved one afraid they won’t have time to get to the grocery? No problem! One of our caregivers will prepare your loved one’s grocery list with a little guidance, and later have the groceries delivered right to their door.

Medication assistance: We have medication assistance “in the bag”! We will provide reminders when it’s time for your loved one’s next dose, carefully read all their prescription labels, open their medication containers for them, and organize all their meds too! That way your senior will never forget to take their important medications again.

Grooming: Our caregivers will gladly assist your loved one with hair shampooing, shaving, and styling, or we’ll take them to their favorite salon in Boca Raton for a full glam up. We vote for the glam up!

Personal Care

For many Boomers, aging in place at home is a priority, but over time it can become difficult. Our goal at A Million Reasons Home Care is to continuously encourage independent and safe living for seniors in the privacy of their own home. To make that happen, our personalized holistic care approach is built on a goal system. We exist to improve your loved one’s quality of life, and will work diligently to get there one exciting goal at a time.

Our Personal Care services include all Companion Care services plus:


Mobility (ambulation) assistance: Our goal is not only to help your loved one get from place to place, but also to encourage physical activity which further prevents immobility. We want to get mama walking on her own again!

Transferring and positioning: Even small steps count too! One of our first objectives is helping your loved one move around their home. That includes getting on and off the bed, couch, wheelchair, etc. Proper transferring and positioning promote better circulation, proper breathing and digestion; all of which reduces the risk for bed sores and muscle atrophy. It also lowers a senior’s risk for fall-related injuries.

Toileting and incontinence care: Our caregivers understand the delicate nature of toileting, proper hygiene, and incontinence. Without suitable hygiene care, there are myriad health issues that can present themselves. We try our best to make things more comfortable, as incontinence is very common as people age. Through the proper hygiene measures our caregivers take, we actively work to combat skin infections, stinky odors, and other general hygiene problems.

Dressing: We’ll help your loved one get all dressed up for a day out with their friends, or help them dress down for a night of Netflix as they “chill” in front of the TV.

Nutrition: You know what they say: You are what you eat! Eating a healthy, nutritious diet is imperative to maintain one’s overall quality of life. After all, we need to feed those muscles with nutrient-rich foods. Avocado anyone? Many of the seniors we care for have prescribed meal plans that they need to strictly follow for various health reasons.

Our caregivers take those meal plans and creatively and interactively find fun ways to cook delicious meals with the same ingredients! Cooking nutritious meals in not only essential for disease prevention, but it’s also a great time for social engagement and conversation! Our caregivers will help your loved one stay on their prescribed diets to help prevent and manage heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

Bathing and showering: We’ll help your loved one stay clean and fresh so they can look and feel their best! For seniors who are fall risks while bathing or showering, or have cognitive difficulties that make bath time challenging, we will be there to help. Our caregivers can assist with shampooing, conditioning, and body washing. We can also recommend bathing and hair care products for seniors with sensitive skin.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia

At A Million Reasons Home Care, we know how challenging it is for families to take care of mom, dad, or another aging loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We further understand how hard it is sometimes to distinguish different behaviors and symptoms related to those conditions from normal behavior. Oftentimes, when it’s a loved one the changes are so gradual they are hard to notice. Rest assured that we are here to serve at your side, as we work diligently to provide you and your family with peace-of-mind.

Our caregivers all receive specialized training to care for seniors with cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If is our utmost goal to provide exceptional care and support to your family during this difficult time. We are also vigorously involved in supporting organizations who are actively researching a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. In the end, we fully understand Alzheimer’s disease, its symptoms, how it affects a senior’s behavior, and that its progression rate varies depending upon the individual.

To learn more about Alzheimer’s and dementia, click here now.

How can we help your family?

At A Million Reasons Home Care, we are strongly committed to supporting the happiness and independence of seniors aging in place at home for as long as is safely possible. Our highly trained team of caregivers uses an interactive approach to really get to know your loved one on a personal level. We truly want to learn all about your mom, dad, or other senior loved one, including their likes, dislikes, positive memories, and events that they’ve enjoyed.

While developing a relationship with your loved one, we will simultaneously be working on a goal progression plan. This program includes mental and physical activities that help stimulate your loved one’s brain. To make it happen, we’ll gladly jam with them to their favorite song, read a book of their choosing, or even thumb through family photos with them!

Respite Care


Short-term Care


When your aging loved one needs an extra pair of hands at home, your first instinct is to offer that assistance yourself. We get it, as we’d also do the same! Caring for your loved one is very rewarding, but let’s be honest… it’s also very stressful and a major responsibility. Like any superhero family would do, you juggle between raising kids, working a full-time job, and then caring for your loved one in their home… all at the same time!

At A Million Reasons Home Care, we appreciate you. But we also understand that you need a break once-in-a-while. After all, you’ve got a whole world to see and a whole life to live! We know that getting around to making a choice for yourself almost always means placing it on the back burner when caring for an aging loved one (We hate when that happens, too). Feeling burned out and consistently not getting enough sleep can cause decreased happiness and irritability over time. Let us help you be the best you possible!

We provide temporary caregiving support whenever and however you need it. There are no minimum hourly requirements as we flexibly work within your schedule. That lets you skip that uncomfortable talk with your boss!

If your situation is just like Dolores’ and you want to give your family caregiver a break, respite care offers you a flexible and reliable individualized solution to do just that.

You may relate to Violet and Ella, while desiring to give yourself some time off. Short-term care offers you a unique and ideal opportunity to do so, while providing you with the peace-of-mind you’ve been looking for!

Our team understands the trust that you’re placing in our hands. We fundamentally promise to keep your aging loved one safe and sound. While your loved one is under our care, you’ll have the time to recuperate, run errands, or even go out and have a blast!

Now go on and take that vacation that’s been on hold for waaaay too long. This occasion calls for poolside piña coladas! Woohoo!

Transitional Care

At A Million Reasons Home Care, we have the resources to help make your senior loved one’s transition from the hospital, or rehabilitation facility, to home as easy and smooth as possible.

This “transitional” period is what we call the “post-op” period, and truly is a critical phase in the post-surgery recovery and healing process. A lack of suitable care during the post-op process can dramatically slow down your loved one’s healing. In fact, studies have shown that during this sensitive time there’s a much higher risk of a hospital readmission due to serious complications like an infection, blood clot, or reopening of the incision. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear and methodical post-op care plan in place before transitioning back home.

It’s in your nature to take on the responsibility of helping mom, dad, or other senior loved one during this time, but most people lack the necessary specialized training to provide that care on their own. A highly-trained caregiver from A Million Reasons Home Care can step in and make your loved one’s transition from the hospital to home as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible.


We provide the following transitional post-op care services, in addition to what’s already included in our Personal Care services package:

  • A delicately crafted care plan by a registered nurse designed to seamlessly shorten your loved one’s healing process after surgery
  • Transportation to post-op doctor’s appointments, other office visits, and physical therapy
  • Communication to all medical team members related to the procedure

In-Home Senior Care Services

In-home assessment by one of our awesome, super qualified registered nurses
Conversation and companionship (woohoo, yes new friends!)
Transportation powered by Lyft
We Care community membership perks
Personalized plan of care
Medical team communication (we keep in touch with your loved one’s entire medical team on their progress and health status)
Medication assistance (reminders, organization, etc.)
Run errands (grocery shopping, medical appointments, pick up medication, post office, visit grandchildren, you name it!)
Light housework (dishes, laundry, home upkeep, etc.)
Nutritious meal planning and cooking
Activity planning (attend a garden show, go to the movies, you name it!)
Patient management (ongoing monitoring of health, mental health, and overall wellness)
The Family Room powered by ClearCare
Home Safety Assessment
Help with grooming
Help with dressing
Help with bathing or showering
Help with feeding
Help with toileting
Help with ambulation (moving around the home, positioning, helping them get out of bed, etc.)
Alzheimer’s and Dementia care (specially trained/certified nurses and caregivers)
Respite care and short-term care
Transitional care (post-op, transition from the hospital or rehab facility to home)
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